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We plan our journey with the end in mind. Knowing what we want to accomplish helps us create the most efficient path to accomplishing our goals.

With 1,800 nationwide competitors, we have chosen to distinguish ourselves through our integrity, always doing what is right. Providing service of the highest integrity will be the hallmark of our future.

Every customer is unique, and every project is different, so we must maintain the agility to exceed expectations, serving customers in the fashion that best meets their needs. Anything less than a WOW factor every time is unacceptable.

We strive to learn and improve continuously, studying everything we’ve done and looking for ways to do it better. Each improvement speaks highly of the methods used in the past, without which we would not have been able to achieve the next step. Teaching links our vision to our everyday tasks and is a shared responsibility.

At Wilkie Sanderson, quality is not negotiable. Our clients expect and deserve quality products and services. We have a long history of attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Wilkie Sanderson will never have a quality inspector, because quality is the mindset and the responsibility of all.

Our commitment to deliver on time every time both to internal and to external customers distinguishes us from our competitors. We have processes in place throughout the organization to monitor delivery, including a bottleneck report that identifies any slowdowns.

We are a responsible manufacturer, operating in an efficient, profitable manner, continually striving to improve our business. We want to improve our efficiency whenever we can while maintaining our high standards of quality and integrity. To help us meet our customer needs, we make sure our processes stay strong.

We continuously improve by measuring characteristics that are important to our internal and external customers and that are relevant to the success of Wilkie Sanderson, including delivery time, consumer satisfaction and cost of quality. The accuracy of our course depends upon consistent collection and analysis of appropriate data.

We communicate the right information to the right people in the right way. We manage the information flow to our internal and external customers using the correct tools and technologies. Managing project information and effectively communicating with our customers over great distances is strategic to our growth.

We are masters of our target markets. By dividing the woodworking industry into logical market segments with distinct characteristics, we can customize our approach to each market segment in which we choose to do business.

We achieve sustainable growth. Our customer base is split over a variety of market segments and among a variety of general contractors, giving us a strong base from which to achieve sustainable growth.

We support the communities we serve. We are a growing, stable company that offers meaningful work for citizens of our community. In addition, we commit a portion of annual profits to charities and encourage employee involvement in charitable community activities.


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