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We have the latest equipment to complement and enhance the skills of the men and women whose hands create our unique products.

Computer numerically controlled machinery

Computer-aided machinery, such as the KOMO 512 router ( and Weeke CNC Machining Center (, saw, drill, rout and groove wood on a single machine, enabling us to produce multidimensional products. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology is a major advance for controlling the movement of a machine. A stream of digital information from a computer guides a spindle over raw materials, enabling a machine to move in three controlled directions at once, reproducing complex parts accurately.


PVA Glue Line Cold Press

Pressing laminates with a PVA glue using a cold press results in a glue line that is more durable and more uniform in thickness.


Timesaver 48-inch Wide-Belt Veneer Sander

When sanding larger panels, a computerized sander can feel for the thickness of the material and take out inconsistencies that sometimes arise with thin veneers.


Holzma Beam Saw

With the Holzma beam saw, we can cut multiple stacks of material with precision, saving time and money for our customers. Powerful clamps keep wood secure, and a vertical scoring saw produces chip-free crosscuts.


Homag Edgebander

With the Homag Edgebander, using hot melted glue, we can apply a variety of edges to our wood products, including the durable PVC. Our goal is to provide edges free of delamination, bubbles and all adhesive residue.


Weinig Molder

Only a few woodworking shops have a molder in-house. Our five-head molder produces any profile, shape or wood species to our customer’s specifications in real time in only one pass. To add to the flexibility, we also grind our own knives, saving time and money for our customers. We can match any molding profile up to 9 inches wide and 3 inches thick, limited only by our customer’s imagination.


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