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Masterful effects can be added at the finishing stage of a project, from stains and lacquers to enamels and urethanes.

Our staff knows precisely how to achieve the maximum result from each of our finishes. We mix the stains ourselves, thus providing our clients with the ability to match any color on any wood species.

Our computerized system produces high quality finishes, automatically keeping conditions within pre-programmed, optimal parameters.  We are careful to minimize free particulates in the air with a climate-controlled environment that includes separate air intake and exhaust.

Choose from

  • Catalyzed lacquer – for finish clarity, quick drying time and resistance to stain, heat and household chemicals
  • Paint – with a variety of colors, textures and qualities
  • Powder coating technology – for a wide range of cure, color, gloss and performance
  • Conversion varnish – which is durable and resistant to abrasion, solvents, stains and chemicals
  • Catalyzed polyurethane – in many different performance levels
  • Intumescent coatings for wood – with insulating effects to reduce flammability


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