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“Many companies produce woodwork. That’s easy. What’s difficult is developing processes and procedures to make a company’s services significantly different from those of their competitors. That’s where Wilkie Sanderson shines.” Marc Sanderson

Our process is more than making sawdust. We have designed special steps to take a job from design to installation, whether it is architectural woodworking for a law firm or institutional casework for a medical facility. Vertical integration enables us to control all of the steps along the manufacturing continuum.

The products we create are customized to meet the needs of the contractors and architects who depend on us, and our disciplined standardization of processes assures our clients of consistent quality from start to finish.

At Wilkie Sanderson, each project goes through 14 steps, guided by an experienced staff to make critical decisions along the way.

For example, every project above $20,000 goes through a drawing review – a quality control step that helps to minimize the number of redlines and provides the greatest value to the client.

We can tell if a project is progressing appropriately through the system because of the feedback the system gives us, enabling us to plan carefully. The information we have at the end of the day is correct.

No other firm can have such detailed conversations with its clients. Our process is homogeneous from beginning to end, enabling us to tell which areas are overloaded and which are not.

Bottleneck Report.  Production bottlenecks get in the way of our on-time delivery goal, so we incorporate a “bottleneck report” to identify where a process has slowed. We want our projects to keep moving smoothly. When they don’t, we know why.

Safety. We believe a safe shop is a productive shop. We’re proud to have won the  2001-2002 AWI/CNA Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award for manufacturers whose working hours are more than 100,000. Our current maximum hours without lost time is more than 77,000, and rising.


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